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A project which brings real life services, products and crypto world together. Each NFT have their own value and bundled with surprises.
Get free mystery box filled with up to 5000$ of crypto curency and our upcoming services free for our NFT's holders.

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Let's make your money worth something Only 5000 tokens are available so, hurry up!


Super Rare Rare Metavere NFT available!

Our Token Llama Mia is not a just single digital limited series token that remains in your wallet and do nothing, Its a super rare metaverse nft, It also gives you a chance to win our upcoming services, Free pass to Llama Club in metaverse and free LLama NFT Box filled with up to 5000$ crypto currency. Yes you read it right a mysterybox filled with crypto currency.
LLama NFT Box can have diffrente crypto currency listed on binance of up to 5000$.

What are you waiting for?

Why Llama ?

Choosing our super rare nft will give good results on your investment Llama Mia also gives you tons of beneifit in meaningfull manner.

Making your money truly worth something and also getting bonuses is really difficult in today's world. Llama Mia token brings you benefits along with your NFT's

NFT to the Moon

Our NFT is designed for Moon

Our tokens and services are designed and developed in giving you meaningfull results on your investments.

NFT Profit

Buy in 0.05 ETH Return in 2 ETH

Each nft will be equal to a LLama NFT Box. Box will contain item or bunch of crypto worth up to 5000$. Its up to you to return the NFT to us and get the box or hold it in your wallet to raise the value of crypto currency in your nft box

NFT Access to multiverse

Special Club Access in Metaverse

Special club access in metaverse bring tons of benefits. Specialy bought land in multiverse will have free acccess to NFT Holders. Events, Games and much free to access


Only 5000's token will be listed. There will be no more llama token available to get listed. So make sure you hold our token before it gets sold out!

Let's Buckle up for Moon Together

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Super Rare, Collectables, Profitable Metaverse NFT

We are collectors and makers of NFT's. We are the maker of Llama Mia token which gives you much more then just a worthless digital NFT.

Secrete LLama Club Metaverse Access

Soon to be open places in multiverse(decenteralland, sandbox e.t.c) will only be available for NFT's holder in which they can interact and spend time in metaverse.

What's a LLama NFT Box

LLama NFT Box will contain crypto worth up to 5000$. When you buy our nft we lock the crypto currency in your LLama NFT Box. With the passage of time your crypto in LLama NFT Box could appreciate in value if you hold the nft instead of burning it immediately. There will be 4 types of LLama NFT Box which you can get in return of your NFT.
1. 'Meh LLama NFT Box' worth 20$ Crypto Currency
2. 'I am fine LLama NFT Box' worth 50$ Crypto Currency
3. 'Oh Yeah Baby Mysterybox' worth 500$ Crypto Currency
4. 'Freakin Jackpot Mysterbox' worth 5000$ Crypto Currency
Note: Worth of the prizes will increase with the increase of Llama Mia NFT floor price.

Llama Mia Digital NFT

NFT Artwork will be sent to your wallet once you bought it from marketplace

Upcoming Services

We have future plans to serve our investers more. We will give some other services as well in the future to our NFT holders.

Special Giveaway

For First 25 LLama NFT Box, There will be no nft burning. It means you will get free mysterybox with the NFT and you don't have to return it to us. It will be a free giveaway for first 25 Lucky Winners

NFT Burning

To get your mysterybox in your wallet, Our website will soon have a special link where you can redeem your mysterybox through a special link. Burning the token doesn't mean you get the highest valued mysterybox. Its up to your luck what you get in mysterybox. Burning of the token and prizes will all be computer generated.

Increase Of LLama NFT Box Prizes

LLama NFT Box prizes will increase as soon as the floor prizes get increase.

Increase Of NFT Demand

Your NFT will worth a fortune if you hold it for longer time. Once you get hold of the NFT you can hold it forever its a digital asset which you can sell it when you want,